At Vinyl-Pro we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for superior quality with every window we produce. Recently, we’ve learned that some dealers may be selling windows by other manufacturers under the Vinyl-Pro name.

These dealers are using Vinyl-Pro’s reputation for quality to charge higher prices for inferior products. Unfortunately, the differences may not be immediately visible on the surface. Not only can these windows fail to live up to stated energy-efficiency and performance standards, they may suffer from cosmetic or structural defects that materialize after a short time.

Please also note that these counterfeit windows are not covered under a Vinyl-Pro warranty.

As a consumer, you can look out for a few major factors to know that you’re buying authentic Vinyl-Pro windows:

  • Prints on all spacers between the glass
  • Stickers on all operable window parts

A Vinyl-Pro warranty certificate should also be provided by the dealer after completion of all dealings.

If you’re unsure whether the windows you’re buying are Vinyl-Pro windows, please contact us via e-mail for a faster response. We will confirm whether the dealer is authorized to sell our products.